Flexibility bonus.

Correct installation has a major impact on the efficient operation of the unit. That’s why One has been designed so that it can be fitted in an instant.

Shallow recess depth

Retaining sufficient cupboard space is very important. Thanks to One’s shallow recess depth of just 17.9 cm, maximum space in the cupboards below is guaranteed.

Integration into the work surface

Do you want One to be completely recessed flush with the work surface or do you prefer it top mounted? Both are possible. Once the aperture has been cut according to the instructions, installation can be carried out by a specialist in an instant.

Flush mount
Surface mount


If you choose the recirculation option with One, we recommend using a plinth filter box. This box is integrated into the plinth, which gives you easy access to the monoblock filter when it needs cleaning.


With the exhaust option, you can choose where it exits: immediately behind at the same level as the One, via the floor, or below the cabinet.