Silence. An absolute must in every kitchen.

Thanks to years of experience in the field of noise reduction, with One, Novy has managed to eliminate annoying noises. The specially selected motor, the integrated noise reduction system and the intelligent design mean that you can enjoy even the most sophisticated piece of music while the cooker hood is operating.

Every cook’s driving force.

One’s aspiration tower is at the centre of the action, right next to your pots and pans. This allows all the vapours and odours to be removed quickly and powerfully. And because Novy leaves nothing to chance, every last detail has been designed to perfection. This guarantees best results every time.

Exceptionally attractive. Even when you opt for recirculation.

Recirculation cooker hoods are often installed in energy-efficient homes these days. This means that there is no hot air is discharged outside, thus saving energy. Novy’s monoblock filter ensures efficient and silent removal of vapours, odours and grease.

The space you had always imagined it to be.

Because One integrates seamlessly into the work surface, all annoying visual elements disappear from sight. Also, the hob and the top of the aspiration tower are finished in opaque black glass, and the grease filters are inconspicuous due to their black air guides. As a result, One blends in perfectly with its environment.

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